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What to Look For in a Social Casino App Development Partner

What to Look For in a Social Casino App Development Partner

Are you a successful casino wanting to take advantage of all of the benefits of having a social casino app? Finding the right social casino app development partner can be a lengthy and rigorous process. But, like any venture, picking the right partner is crucial to the success of the project. You need a partner who is reliable, has created successful apps, and is genuinely invested in producing the outcomes you are looking for. Here are some things to look for when finding the right social casino app development partner for you.


#1: A Great Track Record

This endeavor is an investment, don’t gamble it on a company who doesn’t have a proven track record of success. Look for a company that has developed apps not just for themselves, but in partnership with real, land-based casinos before. This is crucial, because these are the companies who will understand your business, your goals and how to best execute your casino app. They will understand the nuances of designing your casino app’s lobby to reflect your real casino lobby, incorporating Bingo nights that match your Bingo nights, incorporating your casino rewards systems into the social casino app, bringing people back to your casino and much more. They have seen these challenges, they have met these challenges, they have already exceeded expectations. They will know how to guide you through this process, ensuring your goals are always top of mind.


#2: Real Land-Based Casino Content

When people come to your social casino app who have visited your casino, they expect the same or similar experience. They want to see the lobby they love so much, browse the slots and the table games, find their favorite game, sit down and play! They want to feel the excitement of seeing China Shores slots from Konami or Multi-Strike poker from IGT. Only a small number of social casino app developers have access to these best selling titles, make sure you partner with one of them!


#3: Accessible & Innovative Developers

You want to work with app developers that not only “get the job done” but get it done faster, better and with no hiccups. Who are these mystical developers? Well, you have to choose a partner that is exceptional at recruiting and retaining the best of the best. There are companies out there who are lead by people who have been in the gaming apps business since its inception and know who will deliver and who will not. You want to partner with someone who has a team of professional, creative developers who are easy to talk to and work with. These are the people who will truly take your casino app from mediocre to amazing.


#4: Design Perfectionists

Have you ever downloaded an app that looked fun, then when you opened it, it looked like it was from 1990 and everything was blurry, pixelated or not usable? Design, design, design. The design elements of your casino app are key  to creating a fun, exciting environment. Think about it… sparkling, dimensional coins, big wins with fireworks and coin rains, a beautiful hostess helping you along your journey. These are the details that can be easily overlooked. These are the details that will make you stand out. These are the details that keep people coming back.


#5: A Killer Marketing Team

What good is your app if nobody can find it? From app store optimization to social media management to user acquisition, it takes a seriously talented team to add and maintain users to keep your funnel full and profitable. Before flipping the switch on a partner, ask them how they get their marketing results, who maintains their audiences and who manages their user acquisition. Keep in mind, if their answer is not them, it is you! If they say they manage all of the marketing, check their effectiveness. How many social followers do they have for their games? Ask them about their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Ask them about their app store rankings. Ask them about their metrics and be sure that they are effective marketers who will work to make sure that your casino app is a success.


Now that you have some metrics on how to find the perfect partner, let me take this opportunity to tell you about Ruby Seven Studios. 😉

In a nutshell, Ruby Seven Studios has all he components you should be looking for in a social casino app partner. I know, it sounds crazy that we meet all of the requirements in an article we wrote ourselves…but that doesn’t stop it from being true. We genuinely want our partner’s apps to succeed because when you succeed, we succeed. We continuously maintain your casino apps, releasing new versions 6-12 times a year. We build and maintain your social presence, execute email marketing and more.

Don’t settle for less and risk the success of your brand new casino app. You need a rock star team to get the results you need. Contact Ruby Seven Studios today!