Loyalty Programs and Alternative Guest Engagement Strategies in the Social Casino Industry

Loyalty Programs Have Proven to Be Effective Marketing Strategies

The closure of casinos during the pandemic caused these businesses to lose untold profits. Some went out of business. During that same time, however, the die-hard gamblers never lost the thrill of hearing the ding, ding, dings of the bright, shiny slot machines. Through the many social casino gaming apps, they continued to gamble, but in a different way. With social casino games, players could gamble on their personal electronic devices for free. On the other hand, land-based casinos were destined to continue losing money without in-house customers.

Gaming Professionals Save the Day

Social gaming professionals, however, came to the rescue. They found the B2B social casino solution to reel in customers to the casinos. These professionals employed a tried-and-true marketing strategy to get people from their couches and into the brick-and-mortar casinos. And, what is this highly lucrative way that proved to be a marketing bonanza? Rewards, of course!

Doling out prizes on social gaming sites was the answer for lagging sales in a pandemic-era economy. By offering prizes which had to be redeemed in person at a physical casino, patrons responded to the call. One casino involved in a popular reward program saw a 10% volume increase of patrons within the initial trial period of 90 days. It also showed a 100 increase in foot traffic among those who were cashing in their rewards. In all the ways that the success of their loyalty program was measured, the numbers showed a dramatic increase. It also proved that loyalty programs are effective, profitable marketing strategies that convert online social casino gamers into live casino customers. There would be no looking back.

The key to loyalty-program marketing success unlocked a spigot that social gaming professionals will continue to tap. This platform is designed to keep gamblers playing their favorite games. When done, they will be directed to drive to their favorite casinos and cash in those rewards. Once inside the casino, the statistics tell the story that players who cashed in their rewards also spent money gambling.

Double the Rewards

This marketing strategy is not only effective in increasing sales but is just as potent in decreasing the cost of advertising. Traditionally, casinos spend a sizable budget to lure customers through their doors. But, with loyalty rewards, costs of getting the word out are significantly lower and the return on the casino’s investment is often hundreds of times the initial funding.

Loyalty-based programs are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Our social gaming company has proven that getting gamblers into a casino with a reward is a winning solution for casinos with less than stellar sales. The metrics reveal that we have tapped into a successful formula that, like a fishing reel with good bait, will bring about the desired result.