How To Increase Your Casino Customer’s Brand Loyalty

How To Increase Your Casino Customer’s Brand Loyalty

casino-marketing-loyaltyWhat would you do if customers came to your casino and had so much fun they wanted to package your whole casino up in their pocket and take it home with them? They loved your casino and your brand so much, they want to engage with you at home, when they are on the bus, when they are at work, pretty much everywhere. What if we told you that you probably have customers this thrilled, but they have no way to engage with your brand in a fun and meaningful way when they leave your casino?

People go to casinos, have the time of their lives, let loose, and then many of them want to bring the fun home with them.  They go online and search for free casino games, free slots, free video poker, free blackjack, download an app and play!

Don’t believe us? According to SuperData, 82% of social casino players have visited a land-based casino within the past year, and 60% have visited in the past 6 months. It is critical for land-based casinos to have an online social casino presence to continue the brand loyalty of their customers. There are opportunities to…

  1. Heighten player experience: It will increase the players floor value by 2X! Social casino player average revenue is much higher than that of a leading B2C social casino game.
  2. Increase brand awareness: Your social casino is an extension of your casino, reinforcing your brand and property.
  3. Complement your land-based casino: Players are interested in connecting their social gameplay and land-based rewards. Re-engage your players, reactivate churned players and bring them back to your casino.

Ruby Seven Studios is a powerhouse team that can build exciting social games AND integrate with any 3rd party content provider in the industry. We are the solution to your casino brand loyalty woes.

We have worked with multiple large land-based casinos and entertainment companies including Tropicana Entertainment, Pechanga and Delaware North. We have seen how valuable closing this brand engagement loop can be! Integrating your casino rewards system with your social casino gaming app can truly create a seamless brand experience for all of the players who know and love you, not to mention attract new loyal players who have an awesome experience on your casino mobile app!

How does this process work?

The simplified version is that first, we meet and make sure we are a good fit for each other. Once we have established our relationship we come to an agreement on the development and the marketing of your social casino gaming app and get to work! Our experienced team designs a casino lobby for your game to mimic your actual casino lobby, ties your land-based promotions into your virtual world, and integrates real games like China Shores™ and Multi-Strike Poker that are on your casino floor. Together, we build the perfect casino app and introduce it to not only your audience, but audiences around the world.

So what do you think? Are you ready to close the brand loyalty gap for your casino? If you have been looking for a social casino gaming solution, we might be your answer. Reach out to us and let’s see if we are a good fit.