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Advantages of Operating a Social Casino

If you run a land-based casino, there are numerous reasons why you should consider getting into the social casino industry through social casino games. The games will be an extension of your brand. While people will not wager real money, there are numerous value opportunities therein.

At Ruby Seven, we pride ourselves on helping casino owners develop content and popularize their social casino games through our in-house studio. We will develop your social casino for you from start to finish. We also help with the launch, marketing, user acquisition, and setting up analytics for your social casino game.

What Are Social Casinos?

Social casinos are free-to-play games that mirror real casino games but do not let users gamble with real money. Examples of popular social casino games are Zynga Poker and Slotomania. The aim of social casinos is to give people a casino experience without the risks that come with gambling using real money.

Although social casino games are offered via the internet, they are not referred to as online casinos. Online casinos are websites where people play with real money and have been around since the 1990s. Social casinos have boomed with social media.

The Advantages of the Social Casino Industry


Land-based and online casinos can add much-needed visibility to people who are interested in the casino experience. There is always a big likelihood that new social casino players will eventually want a real-casino experience. They are likely to visit a casino whose brand they recognize. At Ruby Seven, our research shows that 82% of social casino players have visited a land-based casino in the last 12 months.

Nurturing potential casino players through the social gaming experience takes time. Some people can take 2 years before going for a real casino experience. Ruby Seven works with clients to develop real valuable in-game content to help nurture leads into avid brand followers.

Monetization Opportunities

Although people do not play with real money, the social casino industry is still worth billions of dollars. First, players may need to buy chips to start playing. The only caveat is that they cannot convert the chips back to cash as they normally would in a real casino. Social games can create extra value through in-app purchases and ads.

It takes concerted efforts to put together a great social gaming experience. You need a behind-the-scenes team to keep working to improve the game for users. It’s, therefore, important to create a self-sustaining and even a profitable social gaming app. We can help you think this through and develop a working model.

Data Insights

Social casino games also provide an avenue to gather data to generate insights on user behavior. This information is quite valuable whether you are trying to improve monetization within the social casino app or attempting to convert users to real casino players.

We are the Right Social Casino Partner for You

L-based casino owners seeking to get into the social casino industry need to find the right game developer, look no further than Ruby Seven Studios. As a developer we have prior experience in creating games for multiple platforms. At Ruby Seven, we have worked with multiple casinos and slot content developers to create content for including Apple, Google Play, Facebook, and web platforms too. Let us help you figure out how to leverage the social casino industry.